The Roero region

Roero is located to the north of the Langhe. Here you can start your journey to discover this region and that of the Langhe, a land of hills and vineyards, where the river Tanaro divides Roero from Langa, in the south-east of Piedmont. Roero is characterized by fascinating and steep rock faces which reveal fairytale views.

The micro-climate given by the presence of the mountains, which protect the area from the cold winds from Northern Europe, is one of the essential factors for winegrowing. The DOCG wines (Roero Docg, Roero Arneis Docg) of Roero are unique and different year after year: perfumes and tastes of Roero in the glass, unforgettable sensations. All our products are full-bodied, quality wines, they are ready to drink, but they can also be preserved for several years. This balance is given by the soft, sandy soil of Roero, which was formed about 5 million years ago (during the Pliocene in the Cenozoic Era). This soil is quite young from the geological point of view, and it is possible to find marine fossils left by the waters which covered the Po plain.

Beside wines, Roero offers a rich gastronomic tradition with products like honey, chestnuts, strawberries, Madernassa pears, peaches, Ceresole d’Alba tench, mushrooms and truffles. For nature lovers, we have several paths (18) suitable for walking, mountain-bike or riding which twist and turn throughout the hills and the rocks of Roero. Roero is really worth a visit: starting from the winery Franco Casetta, of course!


Visit and discover our vinery

The Franco Casetta company offers its customers a spacious tasting room where you can taste wines from the cellar.
You can also make a visit to the cellar to see with own eyes the entire company, taste the different wines and spend a few hours in the quiet countryside.
This possibility is very welcome and even more if you do a phone call to notify us of your arrival to avoid finding the gate closed.